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Pankajakasthuri Orthoherb Oil Joint pain Relief

Pankajakasthuri Orthoherb Oil Joint pain Relief
Pankajakasthuri Orthoherb Oil Joint pain Relief

Buy Pankajakasthuri Orthoherb Oil Joint Pain Relief 100 Ml  For RS. 105/- @

Each 100 ml is prepared out of extract derived from:

Vasa(Adhaatoda vacia,Rt,Dct),Eranda(ricinus communis, Rt,Dct),

Bilwa (Aegle marmelos, Rt, Dct) Thwak (Cinnamomum Zeylancium, DR.Bk, Dct),

Maricha (paper nigrum, Dr. Fr,Dct),

Lavanga(Syzgium aromaticum, Dr.Fr, Dct),

Jati(Myristica fragrans, Fr,Dct),

Pata (Cyclea peltata, Rt, Dct),

Nimba(Asadirachta indica BK, Dct),

Sahachara(Strobilanthesciliatus, Rt,Dct),

Nirgundi(vitex negundo, Lf,Dct),

Bala (Sida retusa Rt,Dct),

Punarnava(Boerhavia diffusa, Pl,Dct),

Gunja(Abrus  precatorius, Rt, Dct,),

Dusparsa(Tragia involucrata, Rt, Dct) 2g each.

Amalaki(phyllanthus embilica, Dr, Fr, Pst),

Manjishta(Rubia cordifolia, Rt, pst),

Guggulu (Balsamodendron mukul, lx,Pst),

Chitraka (plumbago Zeylancia, Rt, PSt) 2.5 g each.

Kerathaila(Cocos nucifera, oil)27.50 ml

Eranda thaila (Ricinus communis oil) 82.50 ml,

Eucalyptus Oil (Eucalyptus globulus, oil)0.05 ml as perfume 


Neck pain

Hip pain

Back pain

Shoulder Pain

Wrist Pain

Ankle pain


Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic

Lubricates joints

Imparts muscle tone and strengthens the dhatus

Imparts firmnessto limbs

stimulates circulation

Helps the lymphatic functioning for detoxification

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