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Dry Fruits

Brand: PS Products Model: GR000382
Buy Almond Nut (பாதம் பருப்பு) 50g for Rs.46/-. Only @ PalaSaraku.comAlmonds Helps to Manage Blood Sugar Levels.It Helps TO Manage Weight.It Contains HIgh Levels Of Vitamin E.It can Be a Protective Factor For the Breast Canser. ..
Brand: PS Products Model: GR00022
Buy Black Dry Grapes (கருப்பு உலர் திராட்சை) 50g for Rs.40/-. Only @ ..
Brand: PS Products Model: GR00014
Buy Cashew Nut (முந்திரி பருப்பு) 50g for Rs.50/-. Only @
Brand: PS Products Model: GR00019
Buy Dry Grapes (உலர் திராட்சை) 50g for Rs.30/-. Only @ PalaSaraku.comBenefits :-Increase Bone Strength.Prevent Bad Breath.Prevent Anemia.Regulates the Blood Presure.Helps Boost Immunity. ..
Brand: LION DATES PVT LTD Model: GR000323
Buy Lion Dates Pouch (1+1) 500g for Rs.235/-. Only @
Brand: LION DATES PVT LTD Model: GR000317
Buy Lion Desert King Dates 250g for Rs.123/-. Only @
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